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Welcome to Faithful Hits!

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100 hits to share your websites with the community!

100 Banner Impressions

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2 to 1 Ratio on surfing

Daily and monthly Trivia Prizes and monthly Referral, Upgrade and Surfing Prizes!

Earn 50 hits for each solo ad you read

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Help Us Build a Strong Christian Community
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"When You Surf Our Community...
it Makes You Feel Good!"

Faithful Hits is a Christian business and ministry showcase. Being a Christian business owner is challenging when you are trying to market your business online. There are 1000's of business exchanges that feature all kinds of sites but most do not allow any type of Christian themed sites or sites that talk about Christianity. They want to keep it strictly business!

So do we! There are 2.8 billion Christians in the world. Millions of these Christians are reaching out to the Christian community with an online presence. Faithful Hits is developing an online community where Christians can share with each other what God is doing in their lives whether it is a business, blog, ministry, charity or organization that serves the Christian community.

We do this through a traffic exchange model, that showcases 1000's of businesses everyday to members who are interested in knowing about your business, blog, ministry or charity. Each member contributes to the community as both a consumer and a business content provider.

So, if the Christian Faith and belief systems offends You. Then this site is not for you. Because you will be offended. We want to hear how Christ is working in people's, lives, ministries and businesses. There are so many worthy ministries and really cool businesses that we could never see anywhere else. That's what makes you feel good when you surf our business exchange.

Let me Explain How our Community Works!

Everyone joins for FREE! You can join as just a surfer or you can join to promote your business or ministry interests.

As a surfer member, you participate in our community as a consumer. You can surf our showcase and win prizes by surfing or answering our Bible/Secular Trivia Questions! Plus, you will have 100's of sites that will interest you about music, movies, shopping, making money online, etc. The list is endless! You can earn income from surfing our site and telling all your Christian friends about it. As a surfer you can also promote five of your favorite web sites to the community for free!

As a business member, you are both a consumer and a business owner. You can earn all the benefits of surfing just like our surfing members but you are also earning points to expose your business to our community! This is a win, win, win situation for everyone.